Malta’s global infrastructure partner.

Malta is at the forefront of the remote gaming industry and home to some of the world’s largest and most profitable online gaming companies.

Continent 8 has access to two diverse co-location facilities in Malta. Both sites offer high quality co-location capabilities; as well as Continent 8’s standard product service suite, and enable our customers to provision in-jurisdiction disaster recovery or “active-active” operations.  Continent 8 is the only provider to offer 2 facilities with multi-carrier provided and diverse off-island connectivity terminated to the sites.



The Malta data centres are directly connected to our core global MPLS backbone using three diverse 10Gb routes out to our global peering and PoP locations. This provides our clients with high-capacity routes to multiple global locations.

This also means that in the event of a carrier cable failure, Continent 8 is resilient and able to continue to deliver services via separate carrier cable systems, a unique solution for Malta.


Why Continent 8?


The only Malta ISP utilising 3 separate provider links to deliver high availability and resilience via single IP and MPLS service

The only Malta Co-Location provider able to offer dual, diverse site via multiple provider links and facilities, to facilitate business continuity

The only Malta ISP providing a truly capable global DDoS mitigation platform protecting individual customer services

A highly resilient, single provider of diverse connectivity

SiGMA Europe (Malta) 2022

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