Effective, scalable protection against DDoS.

In today's digital era, robust L3-7 DDoS defence is crucial for any online business. Given that volumetric DDoS attacks regularly exceed 1Tbps, a cloud DDoS service such as Continent 8 is indispensable for effective protection. We deliver holistic L3-7 security leveraging Continent 8's cloud DDoS protection capabilities and our Cloud WAAP's rate/ Connection limiting features. Our countermeasures encompass 50Tbps of global internet connectivity and a worldwide network infrastructure.

Why Continent 8?

  • Automatic inline DDoS protection - seamless DDoS defence

    No need for diversion or GRE tunnels. As an established ISP, Continent 8 has developed its bespoke protection platform. We automatically filter and cleanse internet traffic before it reaches our customer's internet ports, reducing mitigation time and maintaining consistently low latency levels, even under attack.

  • Multilayered defence strategy

    As an ISP, we offer various layers of protection against DDoS attacks; expansive upstream filtering, dynamic network edge filtering, Continent 8 Shield (our proprietary in-house tools), volumetric DDoS cleansing (Thresholds and ratios), application traffic connection/ rate limiting via Continent 8 WAAP, and Security Information Event Management and Managed Detection and Response through Continent 8 Secure SIEM and MDR. This approach ensures superior mitigation against large-scale and zero-day attacks.

  • Global scalability

    With our multi-terabit, globally extended network, we can handle large-scale attacks while maintaining service continuity. Our reach and capacity ensure that we can protect our customers no matter the size or source of the attack.

  • Proprietary SYN-ACK mitigation

    Our unique technique, the C8 Shield, offers efficient protection against challenging SYN-ACK attacks. Developed in-house, this proprietary method surpasses other providers' capabilities, filtering this specific attack type effectively.

  • Tailored protection profiles

    We collaborate with our customers to understand their clean traffic profiles, allowing us to fine-tune mitigation rules specific to each one. This personalized approach reduces false positives during mitigation, ensuring optimal automatic mitigation performance.

  • Real-time insights

    Through our self-service portal, customers can access real-time and historical views of attacks. This visibility allows customers to develop their whitelists and assign mitigation profiles to individual IP addresses, providing a tailored defence mechanism.


  • Unmatched service level agreements

    Our dedicated DDoS response team is available 24/7, providing unparalleled service level agreements. Unlike other providers, we offer SLAs not just for availability, but also for network performance and mitigation times, offering peace of mind and confidence in our service.

  • Flexibility and extensive reach

    Beyond our automatic on-net DDoS protection, we offer various off-net solutions with different diversion methods and clean traffic return options. We cater to the specific needs of our customers, providing protection that matches their exact requirements.

  • Cost-effective protection

    Our pricing is transparent and predictable. Unlike some providers who charge a flat fee, we offer individual pricing for each customer based on their internet bandwidth. This approach ensures customers only pay for what they use.

Solutions for diverse needs

  • On-net DDoS protection

    This solution automatically mitigates attacks in line with IP bandwidth. It's suited to all customers using Continent 8 Internet connectivity, irrespective of whether they are colo or cloud customers or use IP over GRE.

  • Off-net DDoS protection

    This solution functions similarly to traditional cloud DDoS protection, requiring manual diversion and clean traffic return. It's ideal for customers who need protection via cross connect, private circuit, GRE tunnel, or NNI, depending on availability. DNS diversion is also available for website only L3-4 DDoS protection using our WAAP service.

  • Web application/website rate limiting

    With our WAAP service as a proxy, we offer the ability to limit traffic or connections for specific components of web-hosted applications or websites, whether they are on or off-net to Continent 8. This ensures protection against attacks without compromising service availability.


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