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Mobile Protect

Product Overview

In the evolving arena of digital transformation and hybrid working models, the accessibility of sensitive data on mobile devices invites new security challenges. C8 Mobile Protect is a Continent 8 managed service, utilising Corrata’s unique technology, that strengthens mobile endpoints against contemporary security threats, ensuring safe access to corporate data while respecting personal usage. The service integrates seamlessly with existing web and device management policies, striking a balance between organisational security and user privacy.


  • Detect and disable malware

    C8 Mobile Protect software operates discreetly, monitoring for malware and isolating affected devices automatically. Its advanced traffic inspection technology identifies and neutralises threats within a device’s IP communications.

  • Block smishing attacks

    85% of mobile phishing attacks happen beyond email. C8 Mobile Protect delivers immediate zero-day phishing defense across SMS, email, WhatsApp, Teams, and all mobile messaging and collaboration apps.

  • Vulnerability management

    C8 Mobile Protect constantly evaluates device security, alerting users to perform updates, eliminate malicious apps, or adjust settings. It enforces conditional access policies, ensuring only secure devices access sensitive data.

  • Protect Wi-Fi communications

    C8 Mobile Protect safeguards against data interception by validating encryption standards and website certificates, blocking eavesdropping on Wi-Fi traffic and site impersonation.

  • Simulation

    C8 Mobile Protect conducts simulations of phishing attempts across email, voice calls, SMS, WhatsApp, and QR codes. These simulations test and enhance the organisation's defences, ensuring employees can detect and report phishing attempts across various mediums.

  • Training

    Complementing simulations, C8 Mobile Protect offers concise, targeted training modules. These sessions equip employees with quick identification and response strategies against phishing threats, reinforcing a secure digital work culture.

Mobile Protect

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