Seamlessly manage Kubernetes across various cloud environments.

Kubernetes Everywhere

Product Overview

Migrating and managing Kubernetes across different cloud environments can be complex. The Kubernetes Everywhere service simplifies this process for customers, ensuring consistent, resource-efficient and cost-effective operation of their containerised deployments across various cloud environments, including Continent 8 Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS) hyperscale cloud.


  • Consistent deployment

    Kubernetes is the preferred technology for container orchestration. The Kubernetes Everywhere service allows for consistent deployment of Kubernetes workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, significantly reducing the engineering effort required for companies to manage their infrastructure effectively.

  • Cost-effective outposts alternative

    AWS Outposts can be expensive and over-engineered when running Kubernetes workloads at the edge. Kubernetes Everywhere offers a cost-effective alternative by managing Kubernetes workloads on the Continent 8 Cloud solution. This solution is further enhanced with features like Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) and an S3-compatible API for object storage.

  • Resilient cloud

    Unexpected outages can lead to significant revenue loss and reputational damage. Kubernetes Everywhere provides seamless Kubernetes workload replication across cloud environments to enhance edge resilience and optimise customer uptime.

  • Seamless migration

    With Kubernetes Everywhere, users can effortlessly migrate workloads between various cloud environments for immediate testing with minimal downtime.

Why Continent 8?

  • Continent 8’s cloud infrastructure

    Continent 8’s cloud infrastructure offers secure, low-latency, resilient connectivity, providing customers with the required backbone for transferring workloads to and from hyperscale clouds and the Continent 8 edge or private cloud infrastructure.

  • AWS SPP member

    As a member of the exclusive AWS Solution Provider Program (SPP), we provide a full range of professional services to streamline the management of AWS cloud environments and infrastructures.

  • AWS-specialised

    A dedicated team of 30-plus AWS-certified and AWS-trained experts are available to deliver and support high-touch AWS solutions tailored to each customer's unique requirements.

Kubernetes Everywhere

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