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Product Overview

In addition to L3-7 DDoS protection, Continent 8 can protect web applications and API’s from malicious bots as well as known and zero-day vulnerabilities - including that from the OWASP Top-10. Using Fortinet technology, we have deployed a Cloud WAAP (Web Application and API Protection) platform across our global estate, protecting customers worldwide whether co-located with Continent 8 or not. Our cloud WAAP/ WAF DNA is shared with Fortinet’s on-premise WAAP devices; therefore rich features and functions are offered as standard and are controlled with an intuitive user interface. With Continent 8’s WAAP, all features are unlocked as standard, no extra licences are needed to expand functionality or remove limits. It’s easy to protect a web site/application in minutes, rules can be customised or exceptions made easily from within the UI or from API access or even using tools such as Terraform/ Ansible.
  • 246m
    Web application attacks in the gaming industry in 2020

Why Continent 8?

  • Fully featured with no limits

    Unlike other cloud WAAP/WAF Solutions, Continent 8’s costs known up front, with all features and functionality unlocked from the word go.

  • Features of on-premise device, benefits of cloud provision

    Built using DNA from Fortinet on-premise devices, customers enjoy features and configurability usually only reserved for on-premise devices.

  • Low latency, high performance

    Our WAAP/ WAF platform has been built close to customer origin servers within our network, traffic does not need to be diverted outside the normal traffic flow; and therefore does not increase latency - unlike other cloud WAAP/ WAF solutions available.

  • Completely configurable using API’s, Terraform or Ansible

    Each module, function and feature of the WAAP is completely configurable using API’s or tools such as Terraform and Ansible.

  • Fully Managed Service available

    Let us take away the stress of onboarding and managing the security for your websites or web applications.


  • Fortinet’s Technology and expertise built within Continent 8’s boundary

    Benefiting from Fortinet’s 20+ years as best of breed security experts with public cloud technology built within Continent 8’s network boundary. FortiGuard Labs recursively research and develop vulnerability signatures and databases which instantly gets pushed to our Cloud WAAP to ensure up to the minute protection. Unlike other WAF’s that offer minimal, signature-based protection, Our Cloud WAAP provides a fully featured WAAP to protect against zero-day attacks and other more sophisticated threats, all with near zero false positives.

  • Security

    Full and effective protection to the OWASP Top 10 and zero day attacks; including API and Bot protection.

  • Performance

    Accelerate content delivery and enhance user experience. Protect apps within minutes. Easy setup and maintenance with web-based wizard. Ease of cloud WAAP but with Performance & configurability of an inline, on-premise solution. No infrastructure install required.

  • Ease of use

    An easy-to-use WAAP that doesn't require continuous tuning. Easily understand security status and meet regulatory compliance.

  • One for all or customised

    Whether you want to use the default security policies or customise per your own requirements, Our Cloud WAAP gives you the power by allowing basic WAAP users to be up and running in minutes while still allowing advanced and expert WAAP engineers full control and fine-tuning capabilities. Optional Continent 8 Professional Services to assist with configuration and maintenance of customer WAAP deployments.

  • Exception management

    Easily tune, tweak and override policies for your own needs or use a global configuration.

  • Layered Approach

    As an Internet Service Provider, we have multiple layers of protection against cyber-attacks; Large scale upstream filtering, dynamic network edge filtering (using Flowspec), C8 Shield (in house developed propriety tools), volumetric DDoS scrubbing (Thresholds and ratios), application traffic/ connection rate limiting (WAF) and Security Information Event Management and Managed Detection and Response (SIEM and MDR). This enables us to provide unparalleled levels of effective mitigation against large scale and zero-day attacks.

Use Cases

  • Web application protection

    Continent 8’s WAAP is used to protect against vulnerabilities found in websites and web applications. This protection is required by every business with web presence who does not want their servers compromised, data breached or sensitive data leaked. Our web application protection protects against all known and zero-day vulnerabilities and threats including all in the OWASP Top 10.

  • Bot protection

    Blocks malicious bots without blocking real users or interfering with legitimate bot activity (e.g. search engines). Reduces or eliminates reliance on user verification techniques that degrade the user experience (e.g. ReCaptcha, forms, etc.). Used to stop website scraping, account takeover, vulnerability reconnaissance, or denial of service attacks.

  • API protection

    API attacks are on the rise and even businesses without a large web presence use API’s to connect with third party’s or mobile applications. Our Cloud WAAP is a single point of access to all customer APIs. The WAAP encapsulates customer API’s hiding the internal API structure from potential attackers. This delivers an improved user experience for users on a wide range of devices without sacrificing security. Customers who expose API’s to third party’s or use them for mobile device functionality, increase their attack surface area. API’s are vulnerable to attacks and by protecting with our Cloud WAAP, customers have full protection from all known and zero day attacks, including the OWASP Top API 10.


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