Simulate and prevent social engineering and phishing campaigns

Amid rising cyber threats, phishing is a significant risk, implicated in 90% of data breaches. As phishing attacks themselves, defence strategies must go beyond mere technology, adapting to an organisation's specific culture and operational protocols. C8 SafeBait, is a managed service that offers customised phishing defence solutions, integrating effectively with a customer's existing security architecture.

Key Features

  • Simulation

    Customised simulation

    C8 SafeBait, a managed service from Continent 8, provides customised simulations to combat social engineering threats, including sophisticated MFA, phishing, Smishing, Vishing, and Quishing attacks. With the Phishing Simulator, organisations benefit from AI-driven scenarios, exceeding 1600 in count, available in over 160 languages. These simulations are tailored to reflect the specific culture, policies, and procedures of the customer, ensuring that employees receive relevant, actionable training.

  • Awareness

    Awareness training

    C8’s proactive security training targets the human element, the root cause of most breaches. The MFA, Phishing, Smishing and Vishing Simulators are part of this managed service, designed to enhance awareness within the workforce. Customised to the organisation's language and cultural nuances, these tools simulate real-life scenarios, improving the staff's ability to identify and respond to threats. The Quishing Simulator adds another layer, training employees against the rising threat of QR code phishing.

  • 70
    of security breaches are caused by human factor
  • 280
    to discover a security breach
  • 270
    increase in QR code phishing attacks

Secure - SafeBait Overview Data Sheet

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