Ultra resilient and global internet bandwidth.


Product Overview

With over 25 years of experience in connectivity, hosting, and cybersecurity services, we have established a strong global presence with 95+ connected locations across four continents. Our IP Transit service is built over our global MPLS backbone and is designed with redundancy and stability as standard. It provides connectivity to the internet via true Tier 1 providers in all major global hubs with strategic supplementary local connectivity to support specialised routes for the iGaming industry. Our extensive network coverage ensures that we can deliver the highest availability IP Transit across all Continent 8 sites and into locations required by the industry. Our IP network is fully protected by inline DDoS mitigation solutions, to ensure that we continue to deliver low latency traffic, even through adversity.
  • 25
    Global Internet Edge & Internet Exchange locations
  • 2.5Tb
    IP Transit capacity
  • 1,200
    global peering relationships

Why Continent 8?

  • Speed and reliability

    We understand the importance of speed and reliability in today's digital world. Our network is designed to provide the lowest latency possible. With thousands of peering arrangements and carrier-level transit links measured in Terabits at our major internet hubs, we can manage traffic flows and optimise routes dynamically. This results in faster, more reliable connections for your business.

  • Top most connected network in the world

    We are proud to be independently verified by Hurricane Electric as one of the top 10 most connected IP networks in the USA. Our network is also recognised for its low latency and high capability across Asia and China. We are the only IP transit provider to use all three sub-sea cables out of Malta, making our network the most redundant. Additionally, we have our own independent blended IP services out of Gibraltar.

  • Global network

    Our high-capacity internet sites and peering arrangements are spread across the globe, not concentrated in one location. This global distribution of capacity ensures that we can provide reliable and fast connectivity, regardless of where your business is located. As a certified service provider in multiple jurisdictions, we have a comprehensive understanding of key regulatory markets. This makes us the ideal partner for businesses operating in regulated industries, such as the iGaming sector.


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