Singapore is the world’s fourth leading financial centre, the world’s second-biggest casino gambling market, one of the world’s top three oil refining centres, the world’s largest oil-rig producer, and a major ship-repairer – the port is one of the five busiest ports in the world. The World Bank has named Singapore as the easiest place in the world to do business and is consistently rated one of the least corrupt countries in the world by Transparency International, the economy is known as one of the freest, most innovative, most competitive, and most business-friendly.
Situated just 15 minutes from Singapore’s Changi International Airport, the Continent 8 site has been designed for high reliability Internet services, and is currently considered as our e-Port to Asia.

  • Political landscape is solid, making it one of the most suitable environments for companies to locate
  • Private and public IP circuits to the region and beyond, Multiple direct routes available to all major countries in the region

A comprehensive suite of services and solutions are available from our Singapore data centre from traditional co-location to fully managed solutions, designed to meet your organisations needs now, and into the future.

  • Private circuits connected to Singapore’s two leading Internet Exchanges via separate carriers on diverse paths
  • Direct access to all international submarine cables
  • Managed IP services to ensure maximum availability
  • Manned facility, multilevel access control with CCTV monitored 24/7
  • Fully redundant power systems, generators capable of supporting full Data Centre load on permanent standby
  • Fully redundant cooling systems
  • Mechanical, electrical and network systems monitored 24/7 by expert engineers
  • Fire and water leak protection systems
  • Up to 5 kVA per rack dual power provision