Monika is leading our Enterprise Applications team. As Head of Applications Delivery she is responsible for the management and delivery of enterprise technology services, and applications portfolio and business reporting solutions, that support Continent 8’s strategy for integration and automation.

The portfolio includes business critical products for IT/Customer Service Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Financial management and Accounting as well as Data Analysis and Visualization software. She joined the company in 2020 as Head of Support, bringing 10+ years of experience in operational and delivery management from the telco and IT industry.

She is a keen runner (short cross country is her favourite) and enjoys yoga. A fun fact of Monika’s is that before the pandemic she did not own a TV or have a Netflix subscription. However, thanks to multiple lockdowns she cannot imagine a life without it and is proudly purchasing the largest TV she can fit on her living room wall! How many of you can relate to Monika’s lockdown discovery?

“If I described the culture at Continent 8 in one word it would be ‘Collaborative’, teams working together to achieve business goals.”

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