Meet Melissa Ann Karakwi:io Montour. Karakwi:io is Mohawk for “Good Sun”. Known to us as Missy, she is our Security and Compliance Officer which involves supporting the improvement of the Continent 8 security posture, maintaining the company’s high standards including ISO certification, auditing and so much more.

Missy knows the company inside out having worked here for over 20 years! She started at the company as an evening shift technician, holding a number of positions throughout the decades, to her current role which she started in 2019.

She is an avid pool player, playing three times a week on different teams for both 8 ball and 9 ball. Although claiming not to be a professional, she has won her way to Vegas and Niagara Falls (twice) to play in tournaments!

“Working for Continent 8 Technologies means never clocking out. A good employee should be prepared to roll up their sleeves and get right in there. What matters is that the job gets done, it gets done right, and that our customers are happy. Ultimately, when our customers are happy, they are our largest volume of advertisers for the company.”

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