ServiceNow Knowledge Conference 2023 – Continent 8’s learnings

A team from Continent 8 attended the ServiceNow Knowledge Conference that took place in Las Vegas in May.

For the first time since 2019, ServiceNow was able to launch their flagship user conference as one single global event. Bringing together ServiceNow experts, customers and partners from all over the world, this event featured an amazing lineup of presentations, breakout sessions, immersive experiences and networking opportunities.

We know that our Continent 8 team had a great time learning, forging connections and discussing innovative ideas for the future, so we asked Anthony Abou-Jaoude – Chief Information Officer, Monika Curran – Head of Applications Delivery,  Damian Martinez – Enterprise Application Administrator and Lalith Kumar – ServiceNow Enterprise Application Administrator, to collectively highlight their main takeaways from the event.

What did you most enjoy about the event?

This event was one of the most fulfilling events at a professional/technical level.

Knowledge 2023 brought together professionals from various industries, providing a chance to meet and connect with like-minded individuals, potential collaborators, and experts.

The sessions and workshops provided a great overview of ServiceNow, including the latest solutions, product roadmap and customer use cases.

Attending the conference was an opportunity for our Continent 8 ServiceNow Admin team to meet each other for the first time in person. As the team work remotely from different locations, it was a great way for us to bond, share ideas and spend time together.

Which content session/speaker did you find the most interesting and what did you learn from it?

To get the most out of the conference, the team split and attended different sessions. Here are the ones we felt were the most interesting:

  • The sessions about how CxO use the Platform were very interesting and is something we can implement fairly quickly internally to maximize our use of ServiceNow.
  • The sessions around process automation implementations using ServiceNow Platform/Tools presented enormous opportunities for streamlining and speeding up processes to improve and enhance the user and customer experience, as well as improve the performance of the teams.
  • The most interesting parts of Knowledge 2023 were Knowledge Expo and demos – where companies and organizations showcased their products, services and solutions, allowing us to explore new tools and technologies.

A great example was the one shown by Siemens, a company with over 40,000 employees worldwide and similar to Continent 8, serving in different locations and different languages. Siemens explained the issues they had prior to using ServiceNow and how they overcame them.

As a company that utilises ServiceNow, what were the key takeaways from the conference and knowledge expo, and how will Continent 8 benefit?

The key takeaway from the conference is the knowledge that the difficulties we have experienced with the system are not unique to us. We were also able to affirm that we are on the right track in how we are using of the system, the changes we can make and that we are really just scratching the surface of what is actually achievable.

ServiceNow’s process automation capabilities can help Continent 8 streamline and optimize routine tasks and workflows.

What’s next for Continent 8 on its digital transformation journey?

Our journey in digital transformation is picking up momentum fast across all our applications, so we just have ensure all of our systems – both internal and external – are all integrated and working together in unison.

We continue our focus on process automation opportunities as well as the improvement of user/customer experience with self-service portals. AI-powered automation continues to be a hot topic in the industry and that’s what we in Continent 8 should direct our focus towards, to become more efficient operationally and driving growth.

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