Recognized as a dedicated advocate for customer satisfaction, Maria excels in her role as a Client Success Manager (CSM), leveraging her customer-focused approach to nurture lasting client relationships, ensure seamless service delivery, and swiftly address any issues or concerns that may arise. Her unwavering dedication and proactive mindset consistently elevate our ability to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, thus solidifying our partnerships. As a CSM, Maria aspires to transcend the traditional vendor-client dynamic, aiming to become a trusted and valued partner renowned for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Joining Continent 8 as a CSM in January 2024, Maria brings with her over ten years of invaluable client success experience, delivering exemplary service to clients worldwide. Outside of her professional endeavors, Maria enjoys exploring new cuisines and indulging her passion for cricket as a spectator and player.

“Since joining the Continent 8 team, I’ve witnessed firsthand the organization’s genuine concern for both its customers and its employees. It’s evident that this is a positive and supportive workplace that thrives under the guidance of exceptional management. I am committed to providing exceptional support and quality care to our clients as I continue to grow in my CSM role.”

In April 2022 Daniel celebrated a decade at Continent 8! Based out of our data centre located deep in the middle of the rock in Gibraltar, his role is varied, supporting the global sales team from a technical perspective, and acts as part of the new ‘Customer Success’ team, offering Account Directors direct support to ensure customers are getting the service they deserve.

Outside of work, he plays in numerous bands having played the bass guitar since the age of 16. A fun fact for Daniel is that he has managed to win three separate battle of the band competitions with three different bands!

Another passion of his is photography, proudly winning a Cultural Award for photography after submitting his first ever entry in a visual arts Exhibition in Gibraltar. His camera reel can be viewed on Instagram via @neoghio

“It’s incredibly rewarding to have the flexibly and support to dip your toes in other parts of the business, such as assisting in Business Development, Marketing and helping put Gibraltar on the map; making me feel very valuable. I have also been lucky enough to work at Continent 8 Gibraltar since the beginning and it’s been a very fulfilling experience to see and help the business grow, develop and expand throughout these last 10 years.”

Working from his home in London, even before the pandemic, Craig works closely with both the Product and TSA teams. His responsibilities include building solutions for customers predominantly from a cyber security perspective, such as DDoS and WAAP, as well as working with Product and Marketing to ensure we position the products to the market in what is a constantly evolving cyber landscape!

He’s been with the company for over 7 years and working with a global team has enabled Craig to travel to many different places.

Outside of work, his passion for motorbikes is what keeps him going. He enjoys touring around Europe as well as taking part in track days and off-road events. He’s even re-built engines and has built custom scramblers in his garage!

“To be happy in any place of work, you need to find it challenging and enjoyable, but you also need to get on with the people you work with. Continent 8 have some of the best talent in the industry who are approachable, fun and always willing to help. It’s a big family and I’ve had some of the best times of my life at this company.”

Meet Melissa Ann Karakwi:io Montour. Karakwi:io is Mohawk for “Good Sun”. Known to us as Missy, she is our Security and Compliance Officer which involves supporting the improvement of the Continent 8 security posture, maintaining the company’s high standards including ISO certification, auditing and so much more.

Missy knows the company inside out having worked here for over 20 years! She started at the company as an evening shift technician, holding a number of positions throughout the decades, to her current role which she started in 2019.

She is an avid pool player, playing three times a week on different teams for both 8 ball and 9 ball. Although claiming not to be a professional, she has won her way to Vegas and Niagara Falls (twice) to play in tournaments!

“Working for Continent 8 Technologies means never clocking out. A good employee should be prepared to roll up their sleeves and get right in there. What matters is that the job gets done, it gets done right, and that our customers are happy. Ultimately, when our customers are happy, they are our largest volume of advertisers for the company.”

Gabriel has been with the company for over 2 years and provides general management of operations and sales activities within the LATAM region. With a strong commercial and regulatory background, he assists in the development of business within new LATAM markets.

Highly experienced, he has worked for numerous corporations such as CITIBANK, BNPParibas and IBM.

His hobbies include playing piano, swimming, and rowing! He also enjoys travelling around the world, especially by car.

“Continent 8 gave me the opportunity to learn about gaming industry and how technology support this activity, to share ideas in an open environment. I love challenges, and they have given me the opportunity to deliver on a big challenge: to develop the company in LATAM!”

Anna joined Continent 8 in February 2021 and is responsible for our marketing function which includes PR, advertising, digital and a very busy events roadmap. She is used to the fast-paced nature of the industry having spent over 5 years at the world’s largest gaming software developer.

In her spare time, she is a keen netballer, playing and umpiring in the Isle of Man Senior League. Passionate about giving back she is also a director of local charity, Victim Support.

“I love the variety that my role at Continent 8 brings – no two days are ever the same! I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow and develop my skills and learn from those across the company that have decades of experience.”

Jerry joined the company in 2021 to manage and deploy public and private cloud solutions around the world. He has over two decades of IT and virtualisation experience working in the public and private sector for Fortune 500 companies.

Based out of Florida, a key hub for Continent 8, Jerry and his family moved to the Sunshine State in the middle of the global pandemic. They moved from Washington State embarking on an exciting adventure, exploring a whole new area in a different (and warmer) home.

His hobbies and passions outside of the office include golf, cooking (and eating!) and NFL Football.

Continent 8 is an energetic and fast paced environment. Due to the tremendous growth in the company, every day presents new challenges which keeps things fresh and exciting. Your voice is not only heard but encouraged. Continent 8 empowers each of its employees, regardless of role or position, to make an impact on the success of the company.”

Monika is leading our Enterprise Applications team. As Head of Applications Delivery she is responsible for the management and delivery of enterprise technology services, and applications portfolio and business reporting solutions, that support Continent 8’s strategy for integration and automation.

The portfolio includes business critical products for IT/Customer Service Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Financial management and Accounting as well as Data Analysis and Visualization software. She joined the company in 2020 as Head of Support, bringing 10+ years of experience in operational and delivery management from the telco and IT industry.

She is a keen runner (short cross country is her favourite) and enjoys yoga. A fun fact of Monika’s is that before the pandemic she did not own a TV or have a Netflix subscription. However, thanks to multiple lockdowns she cannot imagine a life without it and is proudly purchasing the largest TV she can fit on her living room wall! How many of you can relate to Monika’s lockdown discovery?

“If I described the culture at Continent 8 in one word it would be ‘Collaborative’, teams working together to achieve business goals.”

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