EGR Jurisdictions Report 2020 – Continent 8 Feature: Servicing the World

Continent 8 Technologies was honored to be a part of the EGR Jurisdictions Report 2020, which examines the recent developments in some of the world’s most significant online gaming hubs. The experts within this report give thought to the latest developments within their jurisdiction, and how their services fill the needs in each area.

Continent 8 looks at some of the unique challenges and nuances associated with operating and providing services across the online global gaming world, from Europe to Asia, the US to Latin America:


The current state of online gaming licensing in Asia is somewhat volatile. Following the cessation of all online gaming licences in Cambodia, the Philippines remains the sole location in Asia where regulation exists that gives any level confidence in a comprehensive structure. Indeed, the Philippines recognises the value and growth the sector brings to GDP with a possibility being that the government will seek to increase tax and fees in the absence of any other emerging industry…

Latin America

With a population base of almost 650 million, Latin America remains one of the major untapped markets when it comes to regulated online gambling. However, after a number of years of inertia it appears that there is genuine movement and enthusiasm afoot. Colombia was first out of the blocks when opening up the regulated online market in 2017. Other heavyweights in this market include countries such as Argentina and Brazil and there are genuine signs and actions that these markets, along with others, will move to a regulated environment in the near future. In conjunction with this, Continent 8 is in the process of establishing operations in Colombia, Mexico and other markets.

View the full Continent 8 report on pages 10-13.

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