DDoS Attack Stats for Q4 2021

In the period 1 October – 31 December 2021, we blocked a record 641 attacks on customers.

Our latest statistics show a significant increase in the number of attacks and attack size in 4Q21 compared to the previous quarter. Our expert security team has been closely monitoring the threats and have analysed the data for the period.

The stats relate to our customers based in different locations around the world. Key highlights include:

  • Blocked 641 DDoS attacks, up from 546 in 3Q21
  • 54 of the observed attacks had repeat attacks within a 24-hour period
  • One customer was attacked 349 times during the period
  • Attacks breached 1Tbps in size, with a peak attack size of 1.9Tbps – the largest attack we have seen
  • Average attack size reached 55.8Gbps up from 48.9Gbps in previous quarter
  • Most attacks in 4Q21 are back on trend at under 10Gbps in size
  • Customers were under attack for a total of 50 hours compared with a staggering 326 in previous quarter

December saw the highest number of attacks (406 in total), while the location subject to the largest number of attacks in the 3-month period was Kahnawake.

Our latest statistics align with wider trends that show a steep rise in the number of cyberattacks being launched against business and organisations around the world, with DDoS and Ransomware the most prevalent methods of attack.

Craig Lusher, Senior Product Specialist – Secure, at Continent 8 Technologies, said: “We continue to see the number and scale of attacks rise each quarter. December was a particularly busy month for us, as expected due to the festive holidays, with hackers seeing this as a peak opportunity to launch cyber attacks.

“This year, quarter on quarter, we have seen record breaking DDoS attack numbers. In 1Q21 we saw 228 attacks, in the final quarter it’s up to 641, almost triple the amount. It’s evident that DDoS attacks are a huge threat to businesses of all sizes. Now is the time for organisations to establish efficient cybersecurity strategies, to defend themselves from this growing threat.”

The graphs below show the quarterly breakdown of DDoS attacks on Continent 8 customers for 2021.

DDoS attacks increased each quarter, and there was a sharp rise in the number of DDoS attacks for the second half of the year.

3Q21 saw the longest sustained attack ever at Continent 8 at 22.1 hours.

Finally, the largest attack per quarter increased substantially from 1Q21 to 4Q21, to a staggering 1,900Gbps.

In today’s world, adequate DDoS protection is a must for any online business. Learn more about our comprehensive DDoS solutions here

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