Continent 8’s Web Application Firewall - Protection Without Compromise

At a time when it’s even more crucial for iGaming operators to provide a competitive and feature-rich offering to their players, it’s equally vital their online presence is kept secure and protected from malicious attacks, says Leon Allen, Director of Innovation at Continent 8.

Whether it’s during major sporting events or weekly poker tournaments, iGaming companies need a cybersecurity solution that protects them against malicious attacks and ensures their websites are resilient.

In addition, as operators offer their players innovative products across multiple channels, their technical infrastructures must combine integrating new partners, applications and features with the highest levels of security.

But as iGaming platforms integrate these new partners and applications into their systems, their attack surface is increased, as is the potential for vulnerabilities to be exploited through malicious attacks. In reality, the threats have grown and evolved nearly as much as the technologies that they target.

And, of course, the impact of successful attacks on iGaming websites are as numerous as they are serious. They are difficult to detect because they are often automated, affect performance and functionality, can cause a major data breach and the reputational hit can be significant.

Online consumer trust

Further, online channels and e-commerce platforms have taken on even more importance in the era of COVID-19. With so many land-based venues locking down or restricting access because of the pandemic, demand for online products has increased massively as players redirect their spend towards e-commerce.

Another important point is that being able to operate a website that mitigates efficiently against malicious attacks translates into increased levels of consumer trust and confidence. For iGaming brands it means stronger levels of customer loyalty and activity, less downtime and being able to benefit from more constitent performance.

To address these challenges, Continent 8 has developed the C8 Cloud Web Application

Firewall (WAF) in partnership with cyber-security experts, Fortinet. As this is a 24×7 service, it ensures customers are always protected no matter whether this is a normal day or, crucially for our iGaming partners, during a major sport or gaming event.

By keeping web applications and the content within them safe and secure, the C8 Cloud WAF brings together a whole range of features to help operators run their websites efficiently and safely.

Protection Without Compromise

C8 Cloud WAF is part of Continent 8’s commitment to supplying our iGaming partners with the tools to ensure they are able to offer their consumers a range of entertainment options that is broad, innovative and secure. In practice this means combining security with performance, resilience with ease of use and protection without compromise.

It’s also broadly acknowledged that iGaming presents a set of technical challenges that is unique among major industries; the C8 Cloud WAF is part of Continent 8’s efforts to support this industry and drive it forward.

Most importantly however, it ensures operators are protected and can mitigate malicious attacks. This enables them to work in the full knowledge that their websites will keep performing at peak events and they can continue to focus on customer service, innovation and product development within secure environments

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