Continent 8 Technologies and AWS Outpost for iGaming

Continent 8 Technologies (C8) has delivered multiple AWS Outpost implementations in various scenarios for customers over the last 9 months.  These have been predominantly across the US in a state-by-state method to the iGaming or “real money gaming” customer base.  However, C8 has capability globally, and can additionally support an AWS Outpost with specific iGaming or regulatory advantages in specific locations.

In this post I will demonstrate how we can position an AWS Outpost in C8 locations at a high level and provide a template for customer deployment and the advantages that brings.

C8 is live in over 70+ global connected locations, including 20+ US states with new locations being added to the C8 global network monthly.  Connectivity services – such as connecting to cloud providers like AWS via Cloud Connect, “Into” and “Out of” jurisdiction peering combining local and global internet capability, and private highly resilient MPLS services between customers and partners – are available in every C8 site on that network.

Furthermore, a public cloud platform is available in the below locations, and we expect to increase this footprint and capability in the future:

  • Malta
  • Atlantic City
  • Gibraltar
  • Dublin
  • Colombia
  • Isle of Man
  • Taiwan
  • Kahnawake

Global Deployment

Globally, including within the US on a state-by-state basis, C8 can support an AWS outpost as demonstrated below.


As shown on this overview diagram:

  • Customer Infrastructure can be supported in standard co-location or even shared co-location where available.
  • Where applicable, C8 public cloud enables network edge (NEaaS) for AWS Outpost – removing the need for dedicated customer infrastructure.
  • AWS Outpost 1 and 2U form factor, when available, will be supported by C8.
  • C8 can deliver the full suite of existing (and upcoming) connectivity services to support public or private connection to AWS, partners, customers, other clouds, and other Customer Infrastructure.

Beyond service availability, C8 provides and end to end deployment professional service, inclusive project management, as part of its AWS Outpost Enablement Package.

Atlantic City and Malta

In both Atlantic City and Malta, C8 has a dual site and approved or regulated (in the case of Atlantic City) public cloud capability, as well as shared rack co-location option. This means that both locations are ready for 1U and 2U AWS Outpost form factor when available, as well as NEaaS solutions.

In addition, both locations benefit from an off-site public cloud backup capability (powered by Veeam), and in the case of Atlantic City this specifically enables compliance with New Jersey DGE (Division of Gaming Enforcement) requirements for an off-site in jurisdiction data backup.


As shown on the overview diagrams:

  • Both locations have dual sites which are resiliently interconnected and the full suite of C8 connectivity options is available to AWS, partners, customers, other clouds, and other Customer Infrastructure, specifically hybrid.
  • Both locations have a regulated or compliant public cloud for use as a network edge (NEaaS) for an AWS Outpost or for hybrid deployments – removing the need for dedicated customer infrastructure.
  • Both locations have a public cloud backup capability for regulated data backup in jurisdiction.
  • Both locations are ready for 1U and 2U AWS Outpost form factor when available.



C8 recently launched a public cloud in Gibraltar, this means in addition to hybrid or new customer environments, we can deliver a network edge (NEaaS) capability for customers to deploy an AWS Outpost in a “greenfield” scenario – customers don’t need to implement specific dedicated infrastructure to support connectivity.  We can therefore confirm high level the Gibraltar capabilities as below that are now available:



In summary

  • C8 can host an AWS Outpost globally with various public and private connectivity solutions.
  • Gibraltar public cloud enables network edge (NEaaS) enabling an AWS Outpost without customer infrastructure.
  • C8 has a shared co-location solution which is ideal for any future AWS Outpost 1 or 2U form factor.
  • C8 has regulated clouds and compliant backup services specifically suited to iGaming customers, in addition to hosting AWS Outposts.

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Justin Cosnett, Chief Product Officer at Continent 8 Technologies. With 20+ years’ experience in the hosting and SaaS sectors in a number of customer facing roles, Justin has a strong technical background. He joined Continent 8 in 2012 and was Head of Solution Architect before being promoted to Chief Product Officer. 

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