Continent 8 Scopes Market for Further US Expansion (G3 Magazine)

In the December 2019 issue, G3 Magazine recently highlighted Continent 8 Technologies’ ongoing expansion in the U.S. and around the globe. Read the article below. 

G3 MAGAZINE – In 12 months, Continent 8’s US multi-state capacities have increased to include Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, Mississippi, and Ohio.

The headline-grabbing event has, of course, been the opening of a new data center at the Atlantic City Convention Center, in partnership with the CRDA (Casino Reinvestment Development Authority). Designed to Tier 3 standards, the data center aims to make New Jersey the largest hub for online gaming, sports betting, and eSports in the United States.

This expansion fortifies Continent 8’s commitment to Atlantic City and fulfills their pledge to create an online gaming hub designed for real-time data exchange. It provides direct connectivity to their private global network spanning over 30 locations across Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

In addition to increasing capacity in New Jersey, the new data center will include connectivity to Mississippi, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia locations, as well as provide a secure data redundancy and disaster recovery facility from which to host online gaming operators’ most critical online operations. Operators seeking to enter the New Jersey and broader US market will benefit from this Atlantic City online gaming hub, its connection to the largest online gaming global network, and Continent 8’s cybersecurity services.

Continent 8’s Chief Operating Officer David Lejeune said: “Our seamless suite of hosting security and network-managed services is primed for those immediately entering the sports betting market in the US, and we’re planning further growth as the landscape evolves. The first licensed data center and cloud offering tailored for the regulated US online gaming market opened at the Atlantic City Convention Center in June 2019, offering a unique independent hosting site. This is the only independent, licensed facility with the capability to house gaming infrastructure outside of a licensed casino. We also have locations in California, Nevada, Arizona, Iowa, Mississippi, Indiana, West Virginia, and New York. Our upcoming locations include Colorado, Florida, Illinois, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, and Tennessee.”

In April, Continent 8 was authorised by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to provide co-location, data warehousing, and managed network services to online gaming operators. Continent 8 has already opened up two centers in Pennsylvania allowing for both primary and disaster recovery operations. It was successful in getting customers operational in time for the beginning of March Madness this year.

Michael Tobin, CEO, Continent 8 Technologies, added: “The new opportunities for gaming operators, including online sports betting companies, will require a partner like Continent 8 that is knowledgeable and delivers expeditious results. The upcoming launch date for mobile online casino and sports betting only increases the urgency to set up operations now.”

Read the article in G3 Magazine here.

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