Continent 8 goes truly global

With services now spread across the Americas, Europe and Asia the new development links the Asia Pacific region diversely back to Europe and directly to their US network via a new, dedicated presence in Los Angeles.

As a result, by taking their global locations count to total to 25 (and growing), the company is now able to send data literally on a lap around planet Earth on their network, boasting a lap-time of under 300 milliseconds.

In real terms, what this capability gives the industry is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and scaled network capability available. It links the world’s major global telecoms hubs with eGaming regulated jurisdictions and beyond, and provides a level of redundancy of internet access and reach which remains unrivalled in the sector.

Their muliti-terrabit network spanning 3 continents also now underpins the company’s DDoS mitigation pedigree which many of the industry’s largest names here at ICE rely on. In fact, there are even service providers who rely on the company’s proven DDoS expertise to protect both their infrastructure and that of their customers.

Unsurprisingly, this network too is the foundation for exciting new private connectivity services, the first of which are due to be announced this week. Michael Tobin, co-founder and CEO at Continent 8 commented:

“We are extremely proud to have made this further investment to take our network truly global, and in particular to be able to launch it here at our most important event of the year.

Whilst our services and locations now appeal to many industries, online gaming is our foundation and our core to which we remain fully committed to providing the highest levels of service and future innovation.”

Article appeared in ICE Daily – Issue 1, 7th February 2017

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