Continent 8 announces 25th global site

The Isle of Man headquartered company now has locations throughout Europe, the US and Asia – both at high-capacity internet hubs, along with diversely connected to the majority of the industry’s regulated jurisdictions.

In the United States the company is poised to expand further as the various states regulate, having been licensed in and operating a data centre in Atlantic City, New Jersey for the past 2 years. Outside of New Jersey, the company’s network also spans New York, Toronto, Montreal and Los Angeles, with fully diverse routes from east to west coast.

Also, as the latest additions to the line-up suggest, a large proportion of network development is currently in the Asia Pacific region. Establishing a carrier-level network across key locations in the region is enabling both local providers in the region and Continent 8 to establish data centre and network connectivity linking operators back to their European or North American hubs.

Aside from coverage though, the benefits of such a quantity of geographically spread network locations with such high capacities are vast. These include enhanced DDoS mitigation capability, targeted content delivery based on end-user location, global internet traffic management, optimal peering, data transport and replication.

Dany Chapdelaine, Director of Technical Operations at Continent 8 commented:
“Our now truly global network, coupled with an important increase in our IP Transit and peering commitments at the world’s largest Internet Exchanges, doubling our global upstream capacity, brings our DDoS attack mitigation capability to a whole new level.”

Article appeared in ICE Daily – Issue 3, 9th February 2017

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