Cloud services pricing update

Continent 8 Technologies has grown its regulated and community public cloud offering ,both in terms of locations and capability. And as we have done so, we face the reality of economic headwinds in both hardware and software licensing, as well as wanting to differentiate our high-touch customer culture, and security by design approach.

Therefore, we are making some changes to our cloud portfolio offering, changing pricing where we must, but adding value where we can, to provide a best-in-class high-value offering to our customers.

What changes are being made?

We are increasing prices for public cloud resources, whilst adding Edge Cloud to support virtual server, Network as a Service Edge (NaaS), CDN capability and support future container-only deployments and further up-the-stack managed offerings.

We are removing optional “Product” customer support as an uplift fee, and baking this into our service inclusively for all new or renewal subscriptions – all customers will benefit from our trained, certified, and dedicated support team access.

We are deprecating our “FLEXIBLE” model of public cloud subscription for primary public cloud, moving all subscriptions to “COMMITTED”, utilising the FLEXIBLE model for secondary business continuity use for all new or renewal subscriptions.  The relative discount in COMMITTED versus FLEXIBLE will remain.

Due to the growth in our network and internet capacity and capability, we are bringing down the cost of per GB bandwidth charged to customers in all locations for all new or renewal subscriptions.

We have created committed bandwidth tiers allowing customers to fix their bandwidth fee costs and achieve greater savings through that commitment.

We are bundling WaaP (WAF) protection licensing within our public cloud, on top of the existing DDoS mitigation included, to offer full L3-7 protection.

To summarise, for all new and renewing customers;

  • Cloud resource (vCPU, vRAM, vHDD) fees are increasing between 17-19%, but COMMITTED model discount versus FLEXIBLE will remain when FLEXIBLE deprecated.
  • Cloud bandwidth fees are reducing at all locations (varying per location), with bundled tiers able to achieve greater savings for scaling.
  • Inclusive product support at no new uplift, DDoS mitigation and WaaP (WAF) protection also included.

Why are these changes necessary?

Continent 8 faces the same economic challenges as many businesses, with increases in costs for co-location space and power, technology hardware and software licensing as well as other inflationary pressures. As a result, we have no choice but to pass on as little as we can of these costs to customers in resource fees.

Being customer-focussed and high touch is part of our culture and values, therefore committing to provide product support from the outset inclusively differentiates us from the public cloud market. We also acknowledge that the majority of our customers want the certainty and budgeting ease of committed cloud resources and bandwidth.

Adding additional cyber-protection capabilities leverages our own growth in capability and allows customers to benefit from the investments we have made in providing security services to protect customers infrastructure and technology.

Growing our bandwidth capacity for not just world class peering and reachability, but also DDoS mitigation, we can pass on savings in our reduced per GB bandwidth costs.

When will these changes take effect?

New pricing is in effect for all new quotes and renewals undertaken through our RSD and CSM teams. To benefit from the additional services and lower bandwidth pricing we encourage existing customers to look at how they can benefit from earlier commitment to renewal.

Making cloud secure by design.

By adding WaaP (WAF) to new and actively renewing customers we are taking a secure by design and delivery approach to our customers infrastructure. As we have added NaaS services such as Firewalling and Advanced Threat (IDS / IPS) capabilities we are proud to offer customers the benefits of our investments in cyber protection.

Remember, all Continent 8 public cloud services are;

  • ISO27001 and PCI DSS compliant
  • Regulated as appropriate for iGaming and OSB (online sportsbook)
  • Feature inclusive backup capability and dual site or business continuity expandability.

For more details

To learn more about the changes and take advantage of the new bundled capabilities and pricing benefits, please contact your Regional Sales Director or Customer Success Manager.

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