CEO Michael Tobin on Gaming Growth in Brazil (Games Magazine Brasil)

Continent 8’s co-founder and CEO, Michael Tobin, was recently interviewed by Games Magazine Brasil about the company’s involvement in Brazil’s nascent gaming market. With four new locations opening up by 2020, the Continent 8 network will expand across South America and provide end users with the best-in-class connectivity experience.

For a preview of the interview with Games Magazine Brasil, read excerpts below.

How do you see the Brazilian market and what are your expectations for it?

We see the Brazilian market as one of the most exciting markets in the world, especially in Latin America. With over 200 million people that love sports, we expect the market to be VERY large. Right now as the USA is growing and expanding in Sports Betting online, we would expect Brazil to experience similar, if not greater growth.

Recently, you have met with Brazil’s Ministry of Economy. Have you made available to them to provide technological solutions in the area of ​​sports betting?

Exactly, that was our goal: to offer the ministry cost-free consultancy and assistance to their technical team. We have worked with regulators all over the world to assist them with internet infrastructure questions, cyber security, cloud, network, hosting etc. We are in over 50 locations around the world, and we work with dozens of regulators with many technical needs – no two regulators do things exactly the same. Everyone requires different things, and we want to help Brazil understand the lessons we’ve learned. At the end of the day, we want the end user to have the very best experience they can have, which would be through a safe and fast internet network, and operators and regulators would provide this to the end user.

After seeing the main rules that the Ministry presented for operators that are going to work in Brazil, what can Continent 8 offer to the Secretary?

We can offer assistance to the technical teams, as well as our previous experience in working in many other regulations. We have been through this “regulation” process a few times in our company’s long history. The fact that we remain neutral when it comes to operators and game providers, makes us different as a source of consultancy.

Read the full article at Games Magazine Brasil in English.

Leia o artigo completo em português

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