AWS Outpost Server from Continent 8

AWS Outpost Server, the 1U and 2U form factor capability announced by AWS at Re:Invent at the end of 2021, is imminently available from Continent 8 (C8) globally.

In this post Justin Cosnett provides an overview of the C8 service and capability to support our customers in using AWS Outpost Servers to deploy an AWS service capability into any of C8’s 80+ (and growing) locations.

AWS Outpost for Real Money Gaming (iGaming)

As per our most recent AWS press release – C8 has been rapidly enhancing its multi-cloud portfolio through its partnership with AWS.  This culminated in achieving Advanced Tier partner status in December 2021 and enables C8 to be a Solution Partner provider with core competencies to support our customers in Real Money Gaming (iGaming) wishing to utilise AWS services in the highly regulated and specialist environment.

In attaining this partnership level, C8 has successfully supported the order and deployment of over 40 AWS Outpost Racks, in 8 states and connecting over 100Gbps via Direct Connect to AWS Regions, demonstrating significant customer success and referenceability.

  • AWS Outpost Rack is a physical Rack of AWS supplied and managed equipment which is only supported by AWS
  • Brings a subset of AWS Services to the co-located environment they are hosted
  • Requires permanent connectivity to AWS (region(s) specified during order placement) via minimum 1Gbps (10Gbps preferred) Service Link
  • AWS Outpost assumes highly available uncontended connectivity at installation location

As shown in our reference case studies for Fanduel and Esports Entertainment group – C8 has been able to provide managed connectivity and network edge for AWS Outpost Racks.

AWS Outpost Server (1U and 2U Form Factor)

Enabling a range of AWS Services to customers via 1U and 2U form factor Servers, AWS creates an Outpost Family which now brings a smaller footprint into an existing co-located environment in a standard industry colocation Rack:

  • Delivered directly to customers for installation into an existing Rack
  • Connected to AWS for remotely provisioned compute and storage resources
  • 3 Simple Server sizings with lower price point than Rack
  • Ability to interconnect multiple Servers to create resilience or scalability
  • Component failure is a fast, full Server replacement from AWS
  • External IP-based storage capable
  • Full Enterprise Support with AWS required, automatic patch and software updates
  • Data secured and encrypted via local physical key and AWS account integration

This low footprint entry allows customers to deploy into existing or new environments separate network infrastructure to achieve interconnectivity and scale and resilience.  This is because each Server is a standalone node, with no clustering capability currently or shared storage.

C8’s AWS Outpost Server package – all in one solution

Similar to an AWS Outpost Rack, the Outpost Server is expected to be deployed with an existing or full local area network infrastructure environment.  With Real Money Gaming (iGaming) – C8 has been able to enable “greenfield” deployment of AWS Outposts for customers with no existing infrastructure through network edge cloud capabilities.

C8 is continuing and indeed expanding this with a simple package for customers to deploy AWS Outpost Servers into a C8 location in a “pay for what you use” fashion, with inclusive:

  1. Server Installation and AWS enablement configuration
  2. Co-Location and Power starting at a minimum 1U
  3. Network Edge functions with customer portal for managing:
    1. Firewalling
    2. Load Balancing
    3. Routing and Switching
  4. Managed Connectivity:
    1. Internet Connection including DDoS protection
    2. AWS Direct Connect private connection to AZ
    3. C8 iGaming Exchange access with premium portal analytics

C8 is packaging this as a simple monthly recurring fee, with connectivity by default all charged at a single rate on usage depending upon location, and the ability to add more Servers at a simple fee per U.

With an option for further MPLS onward connectivity to other remote installations or implementations of infrastructure – as demonstrated in the overview diagram, C8 is able to deliver this simple package and network edge capability by utilising a Network Edge cloud using VMWare NSX-T, and can even provide a managed option for customers who either lack or do not want to perform network administrative functions.

Along with a Network Edge cloud, C8 can leverage an existing co-location footprint to consolidate and multi-tenant customers into a secured Rack, which C8 monitors and manages to ensure full industry best practice environment delivery.

Further posts and articles on C8’s growing AWS and multi-cloud capability, and more details on our iGaming (Real Money Gaming) exchange will be announced in the near future.

Our Solution Architects will be happy to discuss any potential AWS Outpost Rack or Server requirements with customers via your Account Director.

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