Asia: Investments in people and infrastructure

Peter Williams, Managing Director for Asia Pacific, recently discussed Continent 8’s upcoming plans for the region, the adoption of new technologies and growth areas in Asia Gaming Brief.

What are your plans for Asia this year and has the coronavirus had a major impact on your projects?

Continent 8 continues globally to add new locations to meet the growing demands of our committed and growing client base. Asia is no exception with major capacity additions recently implemented in addition to new services launch and enhancements to our current service offerings.   In the last 18 months Continent 8 added an additional 12 global data centre locations in parallel to significant capacity increase to our network Total available capacity now exceeds 2Terabytes. One notable addition to our security services portfolio is the launch of Web Application Firewall (WAF, a solution we are witnessing an explosive growth in demand. Apart from some minor shipping delays we are seeing no real effect on revenue or service uptake resulting from the virus outbreak at this point.

In which Asian countries are you seeing the most growth, or potential for expansion?

Taiwan continues to be the highest growth location for network, security, dedicated and cloud services. As with operators and networks, Continent 8 continues to monitor regulation and compliance and will continue with our global strategy to serve the eGaming sector in all necessary locations.

Have you noticed any trends in terms of client preferences, or in adoption of new technologies?

Our clients continuously seek the most reliable and predictable network routes into all Asian markets, including China. They are looking for ISP services not just for low latency, but an experience that is consistent with minimal packet loss. At Continent 8 we invest in people and capacity to achieve the perfect blend enabling our clients to enjoy a true differentiator.

Which of your products are you most excited about in terms of Asia potential?

The true and unchallenged differentiator in Asia is our high performance, consistent latency and highly available network. We achieve this through investing in cutting edge technology and recruiting only the highest qualified network operations and support personnel.

Are there any further Asia-related plans you would like to share?

2020 will see the addition of new office locations and staff recruitment across Asia to support growing demand. We will also be announcing enhancements to our services portfolio in the coming months ahead in addition to new locations as client demands dictate.

Source: Asia Gaming Brief

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