8 reasons to be on the Continent 8 Gaming Exchange

The Gaming Exchange is an exclusive ecosystem designed for Continent 8 customers and other 3rd party services within the iGaming and online sports betting industries. This private exchange enables secure, efficient, and low-latency communication between all interested parties, all within the private Continent 8 network instead of the public Internet.

Wondering why you should join? Here are top 8 reasons why businesses choose to be on the Gaming Exchange:

  1. Exclusive exchange for the iGaming community

Continent 8, the leading global managed hosting, connectivity, cloud, and security services provider in the iGaming space has exclusively designed the Gaming Exchange for the iGaming community. The platform streamlines connections and enhances integration between Continent 8 users and the wider industry.

The service runs across the Continent 8 backbone network, working in conjunction with third party circuits, that enable customers to exchange traffic with others via a BGP Broadcast network linked to the advertised Continent 8 ASNs.

  1. Access to a vast network

The Gaming Exchange gives businesses instant access to share data with a wide range of operators, sportsbooks, odd feeds, payment gateways, platform providers, aggregators, games providers, data analysis providers, regulators and other partner companies.

This extensive network can help businesses expand their reach, form strategic partnerships, and tap into new markets.

  1. Top-of-the-line security

Security is a top priority in our industry, and the Gaming Exchange offers enhanced security measures to protect sensitive data and APIs from cyber threats and unauthorized access. As the Exchange operates within a private network, it is not susceptible to DDoS attacks, providing an additional layer of protection.

This high level of security helps build trust with partners and end-users, which is crucial for the long-term success in the iGaming industry.

  1. Competitive advantage

The Gaming Exchange’s low-latency, secure, and reliable data exchange platform gives businesses a competitive edge. By offering a superior user experience and faster response times, companies can attract and retain customers more effectively, leading to increased market share and success.

The Gaming Exchange offers better guarantees of uptime SLAs than general Internet services.

  1. Scalable solutions

The Gaming Exchange is designed to cater to the evolving needs of the iGaming industry. It provides flexibility for businesses to easily scale their operations up or down as they grow and adapt to new technologies and market trends. This scalability ensures long-term success and the ability to stay ahead in a dynamic industry.

  1. Premium Portal access

Customers on the Gaming Exchange gain access to the Premium Portal, an analytics platform designed specifically for them. The Premium Portal offers valuable insights into inter-customer and external traffic, enabling businesses to monitor and analyze their data flows. With a user-friendly interface, customers can better understand traffic patterns, monitor performance, and make data-driven decisions, ultimately improving their operations.

  1. Flexibility to suit you

The Gaming Exchange can either be delivered as a separate VLAN or on existing physical Internet ports or delivered using a separated port to further enhance redundancy and protect against the effects of DDoS attacks.

  1. Compliant solutions

The iGaming industry is regulated and highly complex, and it’s imperative that the information you store is safe and protected. With the Gaming Exchange facilitating secure data exchange between operators and regulators, it helps to ensure operators are complying with strict regulatory requirements. To learn how the Gaming Exchange can help your organisation, submit an enquiry at www.continent8.com/contact/ or email sales@continent8.com

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