setembro 9, 2021 Continent 8 Team

Continent 8’s ongoing mission: Providing global opportunities to local startups

Continent 8 Technologies’ ongoing partnership with Founded represents the true culture of the startup community. A continued sharing of resources with the common goal of elevating entrepreneurial communities across the globe has already proved fruitful.

Continent 8 and Founded joined forces in 2019, on a unified mission to connect enterprising businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs with a support system to elevate their business to the next level. This resulted in the launch of the Isle of Man (IOM) Chapter of Startup Grind, a global community that forms the backbone of Founded, as part of a strategy to forge global brand alliances.

Startup Grind is the world’s largest independent community of Startups, Founders, Innovators, and Creators. Event focused, past speakers at the international Startup Grind events have included Dustin Moskovitz, Co-Founder of Facebook, and Nate Blecharczyk, Co-Founder of Airbnb.

Through a series of locally run events on the Island, many native entrepreneurs have now been given the opportunity to connect with a global community of two million of their peers in over 600 other chapters and 125 countries.

Past speakers include Danny Scott, CEO and Co-founder of Coin Corner, Paul Kerruish, Managing Director of the The Fynoderee Distillery and Miles Pettit, Founder of the Noa Bakehouse.

It has quickly become an invaluable pillar of the local startup community.

So far, over 450 people have attended across four in-person events held on the Island, as well as a string of successful virtual events in conjunction with other Chapters around the world including Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Rishon Lezion and Helsinki. Although Covid restrictions have created some hurdles for face-to-face events, virtually, this has been a great demonstration of how Founded have been able to leverage their newfound global reach.

Founded has also been able to support local businesses with Startup Grind membership; providing education, support and connections. Since 2019 10 Startups have been referred for Membership for free via Founded and their Director status for Startup Grind.

Roberta Castle, Chief Revenue Officer at Continent 8 Technologies, commented on the partnership saying that “The Startup Grind ethos of successful entrepreneurs giving something back to help the next generation of startups is one that Continent 8 wholeheartedly endorses – in fact, our story is a great example of what entrepreneurs can achieve and one that will inspire members of the Isle of Man chapter.”

The next stage for this Continent 8 and Founded partnership will be to further establish the Startup Grind Network throughout the UK and beyond. Through the establishment of a series of exciting pitch events titled ‘Pitch presented by Founded’ they have already been able to showcase both local and UK based companies to a mix of on and off Island investors.

Continent 8’s brand reach extends to the US, as well as many other key growth regions around the globe. Their continued support of Founded will mean a whole new generation of business startups will have the opportunity to leverage an extended network, while making full use of their access to a pool of invaluable resources, specifically tailored for their business elevation and growth.

Recently speaking on future plans for the partnership, Founded Director, Katie Nicholson, said “We’ve already achieved so much in our time working with Continent 8, the extended global reach that they can offer is invaluable to our community and we’re looking forward to building on this superior foundation going forward, we’re especially excited about our upcoming pitch events.”

The Isle of Man already has a long history of supporting its local startup community. Initiatives such as Startup Grind will only enhance this business development culture and help to create an environment where entrepreneurs can truly thrive.

As Covid restrictions ease, plans have been put in place for the next in-person Start-up Grind event in September. This will then be followed by a ‘Pitch presented by Founded’ event in October.

As this campaign continues to grow, expect to see a lot more activity from the angel investor side and enhanced opportunities for Isle of Man based Startups particularly.

Driven forward by a shared Proventrepreneurial spirit, bringing business communities together via local events and a globally connected platform; working in tandem to cultivate the UK’s next generation of industry leaders!

To find out more about Founded, click here.