What is it

Backed by a managed and owned Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) infrastructure, you can connect sites and services with different bandwidth requirements in order to create a scalable, secure, and reliable IP Virtual Private Network (VPN).  The features of an MPLS service are:

  • High level of resilience
  • Port Steering with Any-to-Any Connectivity
  • Optimal support for convergence
  • Privacy and Security
  • End-to-End SLA and Packet Delivery Assurance
  • Increased cost effectiveness
  • Greater Scalability and Flexibility
  • Non-registered, private addresses

Why you need it

Whether you already have a VPN over the Internet or you need to deploy a new secure network, the Continent 8 Secure MPLS Network Service is the simple way to build a scalable and flexible VPN.  The service, featuring true any-to-any connectivity between globally diverse locations, is designed specifically to merge mission-critical applications, storage replication and standard data traffic over a single IP infrastructure.  If you need optimal support and differentiation for all your mission-critical applications, the MPLS Network Service provides Class of Service (CoS) differentiated capabilities, meaning you can converge video, voice and multiple data applications over a single platform.

How we can help you

From consultation through design assistance and implementation, Continent8 can provide a Secure MPLS Network Service which has been architected to support converged multimedia services such as video and voice while facilitating reliable communication with your colleagues, partners and suppliers via intranets and extranets.  The Continent 8 inter-Data Centre MPLS backbone facilitates business flexibility for the online and hosted industry, through the support of disaster recovery and business continuity architectures on a wide geographical basis.

You can download the MPLS Data Sheet