What is it

Co-location services provide companies with a range of flexible alternatives to housing their systems internally. Continent 8 Technologies Co-Location services enable organizations to rapidly deploy to market or implement business critical back office systems, across the globe.

Why you need it

Organizations in today’s aggressive or budget constrained service provider markets need to concentrate their resources – physical and intellectual – on developing and supporting your products and services.  Your organization therefore needs to use the expertise and reliability of a co-location provider which can offer flexible solutions and products from a diverse range of global locations interconnected through a highly available core network.

How we can help you

  • Highly available power supply with full N+1 UPS and generator backup redundancy
  • Multi-level security (including biometric) physical access, manned 24 x 7
  • High network bandwidth capacity, with access to our global MPLS backbone
  • Multiple Tier 1 Peering partnerships, backed by carrier level DDOS protection services
  • Support provided 24×7 by expert network, server and system administrators, technicians and engineers
  • Competitive service options with provisions for rapid deployment and scalability

With a global presence, we offer organizations geographic and jurisdictional diversity, multiple levels of redundancy, IT asset protection, and equipment failover – all while reducing costs and providing a scalable footprint for growth.

You can download the Hosting & Co-location Data Sheet