February 15, 2017 Stephen Trimble

Invite key partners & suppliers to ‘Connect’

ICE-Daily-Issue-2-'17- front-pageMost businesses are constantly exchanging data with their partners, suppliers, large customers and subsidiaries – yet how much of that communication is really secure?

It may well be encrypted and hidden away inside an internet VPN, but one day the encryption will be broken, it’s only a matter of time. Also, it’s still using the inherently insecure internet, so attacks, hacks and data compromise / loss will remain as possibilities.

For customers of Continent 8 Technologies though there’s a better way, launching this week is another option to Connect, without the expense of a private circuit or equivalent premium-level solution. It’s not only more secure, it’s also available at a lower price point than both internet access or premium MPLS solution.

As part of a suite of services under the companies’ new banner for network services ‘Connect’ are additional options to connect securely to any other customer of Continent 8 at any location, at a range of speeds, ideal for secure B2B traffic.

It’s also a potential differentiator for operators, software providers and payment processors amongst others where details such as this can give a tangible edge over their competition.

For the eGaming industry too, of which Continent 8 proudly hosts a significant portion of globally, this has the potential to rapidly create an ecosystem of directly connected business partners – all exchanging data securely, efficiently and without the unnecessary expense.

Stephen Trimble, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Continent 8 commented:

“We’re delighted to be able to launch ‘Connect’ here at ICE. It’s strength as its own brand recognises the depth of services and pedigree of our global network, and will act as a springboard to new opportunity.

The concept of numerous ecosystems of securely-connected businesses is very exciting, and will be hugely beneficial for everyone concerned.”

Article appeared in ICE Daily – Issue 2, 8th February 2017