Public Cloud access – made simple

Continent 8 Technologies recently launched its ‘Cloud Connect’ service, bringing global public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure together with customers, whilst giving a guaranteed level of service.

In doing so, the Cloud Connect service will alleviate many of the concerns around public cloud adoption such as security and availability. Continent 8 has leveraged its global private network by allowing any customer located in a Continent 8 data centre or point of presence to subscribe to Cloud Connect. A virtual circuit with an availability guarantee is then built directly between their network and the Cloud Provider of their choice.

Stephen Trimble, Chief Product & Marketing Officer of Continent 8 explained, “By bypassing the public Internet, enterprises can now improve performance with guaranteed service agreements, reduce costs, increase security and use public cloud services for more of their applications.”

A recent trend has seen many enterprises move from a centralised infrastructure to a distributed model to get closer to their customer (internal or external), this often includes some form of cloud services whether this is private, public or hybrid. Cloud Connect linked through Continent 8’s private global network brings this together into one.

Stephen added, “From a security perspective it makes total sense. Even if data is encrypted, there are still significant risks when using the public Internet. Using private connectivity totally avoids this risk and allows organisations to better control security policies for sensitive data and mission-critical workloads.”

Continent 8 Cloud Connect is available from all Continent 8 locations and is delivered in partnership with Equinix’s successful Cloud Exchange.

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