Coronavirus (COVID-19) - continuity plans and situation update (March 23)

As the global situation continues to evolve we are updating our previous notifications with the latest information at this time.

We wish to assure you that all data centres are currently in full operation, including those with limited or restricted access.

Physical site access

The restrictions on people movements and requirements for social distance and isolation, both locally and globally are naturally now having an effect on visitors to sites.

Many of Continent 8’s geographical locations have closed their borders, implemented restrictions on gatherings and a number are employing curfews, all of which are having effects for any potential visitor to a C8 data centre.

To minimise the risk of operational impact and for the health and safety of your employees, our employees, site security and our communities, we now advise that:

  • A number of our 3rd party data centres in France, Spain and Italy are now unable to permit visitors. It is expected that these restrictions will also increase to the UK and the Netherlands in the coming days. All activity at these sites should be executed utilising remote hands services (see below).
  • One of our facilities in Malta is restricting visits to emergency only and requires a minimum of 72hrs notice.
  • For those locations which remain accessible there is an appointment approach being taken – to manage people movements and to ensure social distancing can be achieved. Depending on site’s situation will depend on the length of wait required for appointment slots. Access request can be made in the usual manner via Support along with the requested days / times. Support will revert to confirm availability and that access is arranged or suggest alternatives.
  • In all cases, for sites which remain open please expect additional controls, further checks and requirements to observe and adhere to guidance for limiting infection risk.
  • Any Data Centre access requests must be for critical works only
  • The latest specific details for a particular site can be obtained from

Remote Hands Services

  • Remain available at all sites, however their use should be restricted to business critical operations only where possible. This is to manage demand, ensure availability and reduce length of wait in busy sites.

New installations / project work

  • If there is an urgent planned installation or project delivery (non-critical) please approach and discuss with your account manager in order that this can be accommodated and managed to minimise risk for all. We would encourage you to undertake any such work utilising Remote Hands wherever possible.

We thank you for your continued understanding at this time.

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