IP Transit


What is it


Today’s business critical environments demand a secure and reliable platform connected to the internet 24×7, able to scale without delay.  IP Transit from Continent 8 provides this necessary interconnectivity for your organization to access the internet at high speeds, with low contention and on demand availability.


Why you need it


Online businesses and organizations hosting in co-location facilities need highly resilient and burstable connectivity to the internet.  Whether running front end web services direct to consumers or B2B and internal secure VPN solutions between back office functions – you need assurance that your connectivity is reliable and scalable.


How we can help you


We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with incredible levels of bandwidth, from one megabit up to multiple gigabits of resilient connectivity. In addition, our global MPLS backbone enables customers to run high performance secure VPNs, with multiple Points of Presence, peering with the largest Tier 1 internet providers – we offer truly scalable, global, and resilient connectivity.