Disaster Recovery

What is it
Disaster Recovery is the implementation of services, architecture and processes to enable the continuation of business during and after a significant disaster event. The Disaster event could be natural – such as flooding, earthquake, or man-made – due to negligence, incompetence or criminal or terrorist activity. From communications failure to infrastructure incapacity, an organisation can put in place a recovery plan, infrastructure and service to ensure their commercial service activity continues without impediment.
Why you need it
While the majority of businesses consider a Disaster Recovery plan important, very few have actually implemented one. In an increasingly competitive world, strategic advantage is often achieved through smarter use of business information. The need to prevent the interruption of service to your Customers, even in the event of a disaster, is paramount to e-business or businesses with information systems supporting them.
Your organisation needs to consider the services, infrastructure and personnel which must remain operational in case of failure, and implement a solution which will enable them to continue – whether from a separate location geographically or via provision of backup services from a third party.
How we can help you
Where you have an existing hosted infrastructure or service either locally or via a third party – we can provide a suitable and reliable alternative service. If you are already hosted with Continent 8, we can easily provide resilient secondary services from our global MPLS backed network of data centers and points of presence. All of our services from co-location up to fully managed services can be provisioned under service level agreements to meet your needs and key priorities. Additionally, enabling technologies and services such as real-time data replication and load-balancing, supported by Specialist Data, network and architecture Technicians to handle all emergency conditions can be implemented to ensure business continuity for our customers. Also, uniquely, due to our experience in provision of services to highly regulated markets, we can offer unparalleled local expertise across a global reach, and provide consultancy and advice to support your planning.

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