DDoS Protection

What is it

The Continent 8 DDoS Protection Service detects, protects and defends your hosted platform and services by way of a multi-layered Internet and application aware architecture.  Today’s business critical and online environments demand a secure high-availability DDoS prevention platform.  Our DDoS Protection Service provides a comprehensive level of attack detection, mitigation and analysis; deployed across all Continent 8 locations on a global basis, with the ability to clean and mitigate traffic across multiple continents.

Why you need it

Whether you’re a service provider of a regulated product subject to frequent attack, or an organization with co-located services; maintaining a high level of availability is critical to you and your customers’ success.  DDoS attacks are an ever increasing threat; traditional security products such as firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) do not provide adequate protection; whereas Intelligent DDoS Mitigation Systems (IDMS) such as that provided by Continent 8, can be used not only to protect your services from DDoS attacks, but also serve as a powerful tool to deliver additional network and application monitoring and analysis.

How we can help you

Continent 8 provides carrier level 24×7 monitoring and mitigation services with full help desk support and escalation, backed by comprehensive online portal access for analysis and reporting.

Our DDoS prevention is a transparent, fixed fee service, uniquely – your financial commitment is known and budgetable, not a “blank cheque” service where the organization is exposed to potentially unlimited costs during or after an attack.

Throughout any DDoS attack or event, Continent 8 is in constant communication with you, the customer, enabling mitigation confirmation along with complete visibility and transparency.  Once implemented, we provide ongoing customer support and due to the increased sophistication of DDoS threats, Continent 8 is dedicated to blocking suspects or attacks while delivering clean valid traffic to your critical online operation without black-holing your business or services.

You can download the DDoS Protection Data Sheet