Cloud Backup

What is it


The Continent 8 cloud backup solution provides a feature-rich, low cost backup solution for IT departments focused on data protection. IT constrained organisations and industries with compliance mandates who are looking to improve their backup with a secure, reliable and predictable solution should consider Continent 8’s cloud backup.


Why you need it


Unprecedented data growth often referred to as big data is challenging organisations of all sizes, placing pressure on their backup and recovery initiatives.


With mounting pressure to comply with regulatory requirements and the need to improve disaster recovery practices, organisations are looking for affordable alternatives to existing backup methods that are falling short in terms of efficiency, reliability and ease of use. In addition, organisations must consider service differentiation between backup policies at head and branch offices.


How we can help you


Continent 8 Cloud backup enables off-site backups to a secure Continent 8 data centre, offering:


Increased Data Protection Coverage – leverage Continent 8’s storage cloud for backup of central, remote and branch offices; physical and virtual machines on the LAN and mobile users in the field.


Scalable Architecture – agentless architecture is highly scalable. Compared to legacy solutions, it is more secure, less expensive, and easier to deploy, manage and upgrade.


Data Recovery and Restore Assurance – use built-in data integrity checks of stored data, restore dry-runs, and Autonomic Healing of corrupted data to ensure data recoverability, ensure business continuity and improve Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


Increased Service Availability – experience 99.999% availability from a proven cloud solution, and reduce backup and recovery times by 95% or more.


Continent 8 Cloud Backup seamlessly integrates with the Continent 8 global network, enabling offering a complete solution to any customer at any of Continent 8’s locations – reducing the cost of backing up data remotely.


You can download the Cloud Backup Data Sheet