About Us

Continent 8 Technologies is focused on the delivery of market-defining Internet technologies, products and services; providing companies with a secure, reliable facility from which to host their online operations.


Continent 8 provides managed hosting solutions secured over a global private redundant network for today’s online business-critical services platforms. Our customers benefit from our continued investment in advanced data centres and a private global redundant network. With multiple centres of excellence globally, including London, Paris, Dublin, Isle of Man, Malta, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Singapore, Montreal and New Jersey, Continent 8 provides a truly global service capability to its clients, regardless of geography.


Continent 8 is ideally positioned to provide expertise in the provision of hosting and managed services in both highly regulated and technically challenging geographic locations around the world.


Continent 8 Technologies is expanding its Global Private Network which will make it simpler for customers to access features such as customisable network security and configurations for disaster recovery and replication.

Continent 8 Technologies specialises in eGaming hosting services and our understanding of international licensing means that solutions are bespoke for the eGaming industry’s needs.

Continent 8 Technologies actively works on providing cross-jurisdictional business solutions for eBusiness as well as technical expertise.

Continent 8 Technologies data centres are ideally located for access to the major global e-markets of Europe, Asia and North and South America.

As a well capitalised, founder owned company, Continent 8 Technologies continues to invest heavily in new initiatives, people and business opportunities