Choosing the right hosting partner

I would like to start by thanking eGaming Review for giving me the opportunity to introduce this supplement focusing on the data centre business and hosting within the online gaming industry.
Choosing your data centre partner for hosting your critical application is vitally important to the success of your online operation. I would like to review some of the factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing your hosting partner.


The online gaming industry has come a long way in just a few short years – today the industry has been transformed into a multi-billion dollar business with universal appeal, spanning most continents. Since the industry’s inception, data centres have been core in facilitating this growth by providing hosting services to the operators and gaming networks in this sector and are often the only real estate to evidence the online gaming industry.


You only need to look at the increase in active online accounts across the industry (poker, casino, sports book and bingo) to see how the industry has grown and will continue to do so as broadband access increases across the world.


So, how can your hosting partner help with this anticipated, continued growth? It is increasingly the case that no one data centre in any jurisdiction can support all the needs of sector participants. The online gaming sector of course is not simply a matter of plug and play hosting. Wrapped into this are complexities associated with licensing. There is a blend of regulated technologies and content technologies which may be spread globally depending on varying types of legislation and optimal technical arrangements which each individual operator considers in different ways. Your chosen data centre partner should be able to help you with these kinds of questions and provide collaborative solutions. Pick a data centre company through which you can enjoy a long term relationship of trust and integrity but who will themselves challenge convention and open opportunities for you. At a business level can they provide collaborative solutions both at the data centre and international network levels with good reputation for global support?


Data centre companies need to be able to evidence success technically, in terms of keeping uptime to an absolute maximum. To those seeking data centre services it always makes sense to conduct due diligence not just on the facility in question but on the underlying infrastructure of the jurisdiction. Many environments may not have the attributes essential for running of a data centre. Power and telecoms remain key factors for Continent 8 Technologies in deciding where to build data centres.


Price, and probably more important value, is an important consideration in determining data centre service. In a sector such as online gaming it is critically important that your chosen partner can evidence that they are well capitalised with the financial strength to be scalable and as such allow your business to be scalable. This is a capital intense business and strong financial experience in managing complex projects is important to support your growth and scalability plans. Those bringing out service at very low prices may well not be your ideal partner long term.


Choosing your data centre partner is a major decision, along with your licensing jurisdiction and software platform, so pick with care and consider value at all levels. Ultimately your data centre partner needs to be positioned to help you and your company target and deliver your product or service to your Customers where ever they are and when they want it!


Reliability and keeping you open for business and the avoidance of risk is a key selection criterion.


I hope you enjoy this data centre feature!


Article appeared in: eGaming Review, July 2009


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