Social Gaming & eGaming Synergies

Hai Ng takes a look at the hot topic of the moment, the impact this could have on eGaming companies and their customer experiences.


How do you see the need for eGaming companies integrating with social gaming platforms?


Creating and integrating the social aspects of eGaming applications and destinations into mainstream social ecosystems like Facebook should definitely be a top project
for any operator.


While poker has always been a social game from the start, there are many lessons that can be learnt from casual social gaming on how to create a seamless social environment in and out of games. When successfully executed, it will not only provide eGaming business with a great method of player retention but also tap on the peer-to-peer marketing benefits that social networks provide.


What are the barriers to integrating the two communities?


Interestingly, jurisdiction and noneGaming friendly terms of service isn’t the barrier. The barrier that does exist is one that is not unique to eGaming companies entering the social community but one that faces every traditional business out there—The lack of true understanding on what Social Marketing and Social Networks are and how dynamic they can be.


Being willing to “give up control” is the unlikely and unwelcomed first step that many companies need to come to terms with.


Everything we know means nothing, listen to the crowd.


Who do you see as the early adopters and influencers in this space?


The first shot was fired several years ago by the non-eGaming company, Zynga, with their wildly successful Texas Hold’em Poker platform that currently boasts over 36 million monthly active users and almost 7 million daily active users, taking fourth place on the Facebook leaderboard.


It doesn’t take much research to see that there is a rather wide divide between Zynga and the next closest eGaming type application on Facebook. In a business which thrives on creating the message that everybody can be a winner, there are certainly lessons to be learnt from Zynga’s ability to draw players into a game that, arguably, everybody losses money on. They certainly shouldn’t be ignored.


As with poker, winning is not about the skills you bring to the table but your ability to read, disrupt and beat your opponents, and a little luck never hurts.


As CIO for Continent 8, Hai’s focus extends beyond the usual to encompass strategic communications and market intelligence, with a focus on several areas of interest including social networking


Article appeared in Continent 8 Newsletter, Issue 1 Autumn 2011


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