Customer is King

Within the gaming industry, Continent 8 Technologies has created an environment for our customers’ success through our unique approach to customer focus. To understand this, it is important to go back to the beginning of the online gaming industry as we know it today. Continent 8 launched its first services to the industry in Montreal in 1997 to what were then start-up operators and networks. These customers now form some of the largest companies in the online gaming industry and as they grew over the following years, they were faced with increased service requirements, geographical expansion challenges and regulatory roadblocks. As far as Continent 8 is concerned, these challenges faced by our customers have shaped our customer focus strategy. There is no comparative services based company in the gaming industry that has lived through these challenges in the way that Continent 8 has.


In order to create effective customer focus you first need to understand your customer’s business, the pain they feel, the challenges they face and work closely together in a common learning process to translate challenges into solutions, and solutions into market opportunity. Continent 8 has worked exclusively with the gaming industry since the beginning, and has expanded into multiple geographies to support our customer growth.


There is a famous reference to the new marketing director of a drill bit manufacturer who created an amazing presentation, full of colour charts and demonstrating their understanding of the market, and how they could build better drill bits. The point that was missed is that their customers do not need drill bits, they need holes. The gaming industry is no different in this respect. Our customers need to provide their customers with the most reliable and secure online experience. Our customer focus and understanding of their business, and their customer requirements have led to the creation of a set of services that provide exactly this. From the very basic co-location service to the most advanced managed and outsourcing solution, without exception, we have developed everything in partnership and close co-operation with our customer base.


True to our origins, we have continued to focus on the needs and requirements of our customers with one of the most significant additions to our footprint – the data centre in Gibraltar (covered in more detail in issue 1). We are already providing services from this data centre to a number of the leading industry operators and software providers. The growth in Gibraltar is phenomenal and demonstrates the need for high-quality, well engineered solutions to address market needs.


Customer focus is the sole reason for our success and we continually strive to create a unique position as an end-to-end solutions provider in the gaming sector, as opposed to a services provider.


Peter Williams
Director of Global Sales

Peter has a wealth of experience with over 20 years in Senior Commercial roles in the Global communications sector with companies such as Cable & Wireless, BT Worldwide and Cisco Systems. Peter has also worked with selected start-up organisations building value and growth across several geographies and has extensive experience in implementing complex communications solutions for multi-nationals. Peter joined Continent 8 over four years ago from his most recent post where he led a team in the setting of the ICT strategic direction for Telefonica O2.


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