Largest network refresh in 15 years, delivering more than double global capacity

Continent 8 has recently completed the single largest refresh and upgrade programme of our global network since its inception, over 15 years ago.


The upgrade included an infrastructure refresh, delivering standardisation enhancements across the globe resulting in improved operational performance contributing to overall network stability. Parallel to the infrastructure refresh, a significant investment was made in core network expansion, with all core global sites now linked by multiple resilient high bandwidth circuits.


Additional PoP (Point of Presence) 10-data-centres-1-global-network
deployments took the company’s global count into double figures. In addition, new interfaces into Tier-1 Peering partners at some of the largest internet exchanges were implemented, at sites such as New York, London and Paris. As a result, the company has more than doubled its global IP Transit commitments, taking our capability well above the maximum size of any of the volumetric attacks observed against any of our clients; volumes akin to that of some of the largest global ISPs.


At a time when global DDoS threats are at an all-time high and many attacks are seeing unprecedented bandwidth volumes, this secures the company’s position well; to continue to build on the experience and knowledge gained in protecting data assets, whether hosted in a Continent 8 data centre or not. Continent 8 continues to offer a guarantee on MPLS services between global sites too; these are SLAbacked private services to customers capable of delivering non-public traffic – they remain safe, as they simply cannot be attacked from the internet.


Continent 8’s network and the jurisdictions in which it operates is as unique today as it was at the company’s formation, and still remains one of the key drivers for any multi-jurisdictional data requirement. This network upgrade not only secures the company’s position for the existing client base, but also places the business extremely well strategically for the introduction and rollout of global Cloud-based solutions.


Article appeared in Newsletter Issue 7 ,  Spring 2015

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