Location, location, location.

Enterprises are becoming more
geographically Continent-8-Integrate-European-Business-Communicationsdispersed today than ever, with business publications full of articles referencing satellite and branch office announcements in various locations relevant to their business.


Across European offshore jurisdictions many businesses are enjoying at least a dual-site operation, with presence elsewhere in order to accelerate their business – this is occurring across a number of sectors, eGaming and Financial Services to name just two.


From an IT perspective, it was always a fairly simple affair when everyone was under the same roof. Spreading people out across remote locations introduced new IT challenges such as latency, security issues, service delivery issues and most importantly, additional costs.


A significant portion of that additional cost is comprised of high bandwidth private connectivity between sites – a must for operating and common data sources seamlessly. A standard telecoms circuit between two jurisdictions naturally has many separate ‘providers’ in the chain; this can result in an expensive, complex end-to-end service, which can then be challenging to support.


Let’s look at a quick example which would apply to other multi site locations; an Isle of Man office connecting to an office in Gibraltar. There would be at least 3 providers involved end-to-end (one in the Isle of Man, one pan-European and one in Gibraltar), perhaps more. With lead times for delivery of at least 12 weeks there is often an initial co-ordination challenge. Each provider will then provide an SLA for their portion of the circuit with each provider only responsible for their part of the connection.


Businesses don’t need this hassle. They need one operator who already owns and controls a network across the jurisdictions, who doesn’t need to strike up new agreements, who can provision connectivity between jurisdictions quickly and can give a guaranteed service level and overall commitment – and it shouldn’t cost the earth.


One such Service Provider is Continent 8 Technologies, who has points of presence across most European offshore jurisdictions and some key ‘on-shore’ locations. These include the Isle of Man, Malta, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Dublin, London and Paris. There’s even a 10Gbps diverse ring across the Atlantic connecting New York, New Jersey, Montreal and Toronto.


Article appeared in Money Media,  June 2015

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