Cloud Backup goes Global

18 Months ago when launching their revolutionary Cloud Backup product to the Isle of Man market Continent 8 Technologies asked “Is Tape Backup Dead?”. Now, having established itself as the Isle of Man’s number one choice for cloud backup it would seem that was a pretty good call!


From churches, to online gaming, to payment processors, the client list is vast and the solution is now guaranteeing the protection over 300 Terrabytes of critical local enterprise data. Based on current growth, this is expected to break through the Petabyte mark this year. A Petabyte is one quadrillion bytes 1,000,000,000,000,000 -now that’s Big Data!


The success has not been achieved single-handedly though, Continent 8 recognised that backup and recovery should not just be solely provided ‘as-a-service’ from the data centre, but in many cases needs to be integral to day-to-day IT service provision. A white-label resell service is being provided to Argon Technologies, IT Works, Skanco, TechCentre all of which are successfully using the solution to provide cost effective, reliable backup and recovery to their clients as part of their IT provision.


Based on this success, In 2015 Continent 8 is taking Cloud Backup global, which will give existing and new Cloud Backup clients the ability to backup locally in the Island, but also if they wish further afield, to offshore locations such as Malta or Gibraltar. There are also plans to introduce nodes in high bandwidth locations such as Dublin and at Continent 8’s new facility in London.


Clients are recognising that as the data is encrypted in flight and at rest with only the client having access to encryption keys that in some cases it would actually be a good idea if there was a remote copy too – ensuring the solution maximises the recoverability of their data in the event of a major disaster.


What makes 2015 more exciting for Cloud backup is a whole host of new software features, which will grow the potential audience even further, some key features include:-

  • Full Microsoft Office 365 backup and recovery
  • VMWare Virtual Machine Replication
  • Docker container backup support
  • Remote wipe and Geo location for remote endpoints (phones, laptops etc)


If your business isn’t using Cloud Backup yet, talk to your IT provider or to Continent 8 directly, you could be reducing your costs, removing Capex provision and having peace of mind that your data is replicated, safe, encrypted, and most importantly; recoverable.


Article appeared in Money Media, March 2015

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