Foundations laid at Continent 8

As ICE moved into its third day, John Stone, CTO of Continent 8 Technologies, reflected on a busy first two days – and an exciting year in prospect.


“We’ve had a great time here at ICE, meeting customers and seeing the value of what we’ve done. We’ve located in all the major jurisdictions in Europe and built out the network in the US. So we’re providing business value in terms of jurisdiction flexibility and we’re also now delivering technical flexibility.”


Stone continued: “In the next 12 months, we will be taking services that we have incubated in the Isle of Man and Canada, specifically cloud back-up and virtuals, and expanding those across our company footprint into other jurisdictions.


“In addition, we have seen a dramatic growth in DDoS attacks; with some customers being hit by attacks in excess of 100Gb. It’s becoming a core issue and we’re delighted to have expanded our capacity for dealing with DDoS attacks to more than 200Gb.


“We have a roadmap for the next 12 to 18 months and we’re aligned with that in terms of where we and our customers want to go,” continued Stone.


“It’s really a case of taking some of the services we’ve incubated – DDoS, cloud services, virtuals – and rolling that out across most of the jurisdictions in the next 12 months.”


Article appeared in ICE Daily – Issue 3 5th February 2015

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