Continent 8 expanding new global horizons

THE ICE Daily sat down with Continent 8 CEO Michael Tobin to discuss the new location for ICE and his company’s part in it.


“Continent 8 is right in the centre of the room, effectively, which is how we see ourselves in the gaming industry,” said Tobin.


“We see ourselves as a centre platform for our customers, be they our direct customers or anyone affiliated with the industry.”


At a time when the changes at ICE are perhaps reflecting those in the I gaming industry, Tobin feels Continent 8 is as well placed as it has ever been: “Continent 8 has been around since the inception of the industry and our view is that the industry should develop in a multi-jurisdictional environment.


“Now we’re finding that the whole network model for Continent 8 is becoming as critical as where our data centres are, so we have multiple locations for data centres, growing beyond the original locations to London and Paris and soon Dublin.”


But it’s not just Europe where Continent 8 is making significant progress. “We’re also taking a major step into the North American market, in multiple locations, as the market there evolves again,” said Tobin.


“People were waiting to see whether they have to deal with federal or state regulations [in the US] and there are parallels with what has happened in Europe. That really lends itself to what we anticipated as a hosting company – multiple locations for us and our customers, all linked together.”


And Tobin sees a permanent shift in the industry approach to jurisdictional regulation: “We’re helping regulators to understand that the network is what needs to be regulated, instead of simply locating all the equipment in the jurisdiction and regulating that.”


Article appeared in ICE Daily – Issue 3, 7th February 2013

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