Continued Investment in Gibraltar

Peter Williams, Director of Global Sales, talks about Continent 8’s recent developments in Gibraltar.


Approaching its second anniversary of operation in Gibraltar, Continent 8 Technologies continues to invest to support the exponential growth and continued demand from the eGaming sector, which is showing no signs of receding. Despite global economic and financial turmoil, Gibraltar’s economy remains healthy, solid, stable and robust. All the necessary ingredients exist for a company such as Continent 8 to bring choice and quality of services to support not just eGaming, but all industry verticals with effective and reliable managed hosting solutions.


Continent 8 has been serving the gaming industry for over 15 years having positioned itself to serve our customers in all the jurisdictions within which they operate.  The ability to deliver seamless services over a private redundant network is the key differentiator that sets us apart from our competition.


Having established a presence in Gibraltar in December 2011 through the acquisition of the data centre location known locally as the Vault, Continent 8 embarked upon a complete overhaul of all infrastructure and network to create a service capability with the necessary levels of flexibility, choice and quality that is unique to Gibraltar.  Continent 8 is the only company currently located here which is positioned to deliver on a global service level that is not just confined to the borders of Gibraltar. The ability to manage internet traffic beyond the borders of Gibraltar enables Continent 8 to effectively mitigate denial of service attacks, provide diverse options for private network services (MPLS), offer secure online cloud back-up and ensure that latency levels for our customer’s customers is predictable, reliable with high availability.


The Continent 8 Gibraltar data centre is located 500 meters within the Rock of Gibraltar, and historically was the communications hub for all UK southern hemisphere based security forces. The location was also used to house one of the NATO mainframes, and was one of the most secure and resilient locations with respect to power and connectivity. As with all facilities, there comes a time when major upgrades are required to maintain these high levels of resilience, or to expand the facility capacity further to meet growing demand. Continent 8 has invested extensively in this facility with the most recent overhaul due for completion by 20 November 2013, and at a cost of $4.5m. The following major works will have been completed:


  • 2 new data halls increasing capacity to 170 racks
  • Replacement of all electrical power distribution infrastructure and generators
  • Power capacity increased to 2 x 2.2 MVA
  • Ability to expand to 350+ rack availability
  • Installation of hot/cold aisle containment
  • Upgrade of all access security systems


With the completion of this upgrade Continent 8 will be the proud operators of one of the most secure, unique and reliable data centre locations in the world. Although the effective operation of the facility came at a cost very few can boast such a secure location, and all carefully managed to ensure the safe preservation of all historic elements of this unique site in all their original glory.


Although Continent 8’s intention in launching services in Gibraltar was to address demand from our traditional vertical, eGaming, we are delighted to say that our customers now span many verticals such as government, banking and media.  Continent 8 continues to grow its team in Gibraltar and is also placing strategic commercial personnel specific to the geographical location of Gibraltar’s hosting customer base.


Other developments around services saw the launch of Enterprise cloud back-up service, which provides the ideal solution for any organisation that is concerned with data loss and the ability to quickly recover lost files, documents and critical data, protecting them from potential business disruption and long-term damage that lost data can cause. We are continuing to expand and enhance our global private network and have more than doubled our capacity from Malta to main European POP locations in Paris, London and Milan. This not only adds more capacity, but  better resilience for this location on the basis of additional carrier diversity. We have also added additional IP Transit capacity in excess of 20Gb on our core backbone to support ever-increasing DDoS attack levels.


In addition to these developments, Continent 8 has been focusing on its operations in Ireland. Our new Dublin data centre was officially opened in September by the Irish Prime Minster Enda Kenny, and is also home to Continent 8’s newly established EMEA operations centre, September also saw the completion of a major expansion of our Isle of Man facility adding two new data halls. We are looking to expand further afield in the near future as well. Continent 8 is positioned to launch services in US with imminent announcements expected, having worked extensively in co-operation with regulators and government to shape solutions necessary to support the ever-growing demand of the eGaming sector.


Continent 8 continues to provide highly reliable co-location, managed services and network solutions to many of the world’s leading operators and software suppliers in eGaming. Our customers will continue to benefit from our investment in advanced data centres, high quality networks and online technologies. In addition to Gibraltar we have multiple centres of excellence around the world, including the Isle of Man, London, Paris, Dublin, Malta, Guernsey, Singapore and Montreal.


Whether your business is local to Gibraltar or geographically diverse, Continent 8 is ideally positioned to deliver an end-to-end service level that customers can rely on. We will continue to invest as necessary with absolutely no compromise on quality or high-availability.


Article appeared in eGR Gibraltar Report, 2013

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